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Summer Time Recipe Series (Part 1) Banana & PB Frozen Nom Noms!

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I hope you all are having an amazing summer so far, playing outside, and just having fun! This is going to be the first of many Summer Time Recipe posts, I have a lot of fun and super yummy ideas to share! 


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We are super excited to share all of Harley’s favorite Summer time recipes, but first we wanted to share a super yummy and extremely easy frozen treat (no dairy!) 

Banana & PB Frozen Nom Noms!

Time to make: 10 min

Time to freeze: approx 3 hours

Makes approx 30 treats

You will need:

One Large Banana,

2 Ice Cubes and

1/4 Peanut Butter!
 We got these super cute silicone paw print & dog bone trays off Amazon, but you can use regular ice cube trays too! 



 1. Put the banana, ice cubes and peanut butter in your blender.

2. Blend for approx 1 min or so, (it’s totally ok if you have chunks of banana!) Should look something like this...

3. We think it’s easier to put it in a small bowl and then scoop it into the trays, but you can scoop it directly from the blender if you want! 

It might not look like a lot, but we made approx 30-40 small treats, but you can double it if you want! 

Tip for using silicone trays, place on a cookie sheet before scooping the mixture into the trays, makes it so much easier to place in the freezer! 

4. Freeze for approx 3 hours or so and TA DA!! They are ready to be enjoyed by your favorite pups! (I would only remove a couple at a time, they kinda melt fast) We also recommend giving your pups these yummy treats outdoors...cause they will probably make a mess! 

My favorite part!! Video of Harley enjoying her BANANA & PB Frozen Nom Noms! 


Oh, and here's another video just cause I love this girl! 

Keep a look out for our next blog series, Summer Time Safety! 


Thank you all!

"Be the person your dog thinks you are."

Lots of love,


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