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Welcome to Harley's Bakery's brand new website!

Harley in the grassI will be honest with you all, this is a project years in the making! We have "started" building a website at least 30 times in the past 2 years. Time just was not on our side at all! Finally, an amazing friend gave me the kick I needed. Seth and I sat down one weekend about 5 weeks ago, and just said, let's do this, and here we are!

(We’ve been working so much, I think Harley is going to be so happy when everything is all finished!) 

There are so many exciting features I am so excited for you all to see. From donating a portion of your purchase to a nonprofit to signing up for our newsletter directly from the shop, (which you should totally do if you haven't already!) to our new BLOG (which I am so excited about)! 

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We have more new stuff coming to the shop soon, we just were so excited to launch, we didn’t get everything added! Plus, it’s takes forever to build a website! 

I hope you guys will continue our journey with us, fundraising, making new dog treat recipes, new fun designs, and making some amazing friends.

We wouldn't be here without you guys, so thank you.

This blog is going to all about everything dog related. From interviews with Rescues, safety tips, Summer recipes, and so much more. If you would like to sign up to receive notifications when I post a new blog post, please sign up for our newsletter! I really have so much to share with everyone.

Please don’t forget to take advantage of our LAUNCH PARTY FREE SHIPPING SALE! (sale ends Tuesday June 5th at 11:55pm EST) 


Be the person your dog thinks you are.

Lots of love,


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