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Our Family at Harley's Bakery

Our Harley’s Bakery Family (from left to right) my incredible and supportive husband, Seth, our beautiful Princess, Harley Quinn, and me, Morgan! 
Harley, Morgan, and Seth
Our goals at Harley's Bakery are to have fun, learn all we can, share our delicious, homemade, healthy treats with as many pups as we can, and most importantly, raise funds for animals and people who need our help.   

 We really do love giving back. As of July 2018, with all our incredibly amazing customer's support, Harley's Bakery has donated over $9500 to different nonprofits since 2016. We are truly honored to be able to help in anyway we can. 

Harley's Bakery was kind of accidentally started in early December 2015. We just wanted to make treats to send to our friends that we had made on Instagram for the holidays! Well, they were a hit! So many people asked us to make more, and they had gave some to friends, and they wanted to pay us for them. Honestly, I had never thought of ever opening a Dog Bakery, and I didn't know what to do. A friend suggested Etsy, so I literally made up the name Harley's Bakery and opened an Etsy shop within a couple of days, and then people just started ordering! It was an incredible experience, and it still is every single day.

We truly cannot that you all enough for joining us through this amazing experience of owning a small business. We couldn’t do any of it without you all.

With love, 

Morgan, Seth


Harley Quinn