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Harley’s Bakery's Reward Points Program!

Harley Points!

We love giving back, whether it be with fundraising or coupons, and that is why we are so excited to announce our 

Harley's Bakery Reward Points Program!

I made a little FAQ about our Points Program, but if you have any questions that are not listed below, please contact us!


Why should I sign up?

I am so glad you asked! You can use your Harley Points you earn to save money on your future orders! 

    How do I sign up?

    On the bottom right of your screen you should see some a button that says "Harley Points" all you have to do is click that!

      How do I earn Points?

      - There are 4 different ways to earn Points:

      • Product Purchases (1 Point per 0.25 USD)
      • Social Follow (100 Points)
      • Referral Link Sharing and Purchase (200 Points)
      • Creating a Store Account (150 Points)

        How do I Redeem my Points?

        - You will have the option to redeem your points at checkout on any order over $15.00.

        - You can redeem up to 25% of your order with the points you’ve earned!

        - The option to use your points will only pop up when you have available point to redeem and your order is over $15.00.

           Will I receive any notifications about my Points?

           - You will receive an email notification:

          • After a purchase letting you know you have earned Points
          • When you redeem Points
          • If you have Points that will expire soon

              Terms of Use:

              • You can apply Points for orders with total price over $15.00.
              • 25% of order can be paid at the cart page using Points.
              • 1 Point can give you $0.05 discount.
              • You will receive Points for the purchase when the order receives "Paid" status.