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Treat Storage

Since all of our treats are made with fresh ingredients, we recommend always storing them in sealed, air tight containers in your refrigerator.

You can even freeze your treats to extend their shelf life:

  • Just put your treats in a freezer bag, squeeze all the air out and make sure they are sealed tight
  • Your treats will stay fresh for approx 2 months
  • When you want to defrost them, remove from your freezer and spread evenly on a towel until thawed
  • To get a little crunch back, spread evenly on cookie sheet with partchment paper and set oven to warm for about 10 - 15 min

*And remember, treats are for spoiling your pup in moderation. Some dogs have special dietary requirements and/or food allergies/intolerances. If you ever have doubts or questions about your dog's diet and health, please talk with your vet.